Almost Erryday, B. Nah, Not Really.

Thursday, March 22, 2012


**Yup, just wrote this, hot off the press. Enjoy the dark part of my mind!!**

Suspension; like a colloid
Confined to a meaningless space
Full of hopes, desires, wanton
of love bought on another's time.

My heart enlarges and glazes over ten times,
a sea of gold running through my blackening heart,
a degeneration of immaculate proportion, tunneling my
vision, blinding my periphery.

And all I see is you. My ability
to love has not waned-- no, not in the
least. My heart is blackening from oxidizing love,
my lust for your affection boils over

Into nothing. For I wait on a glimmer
of hope; a belief that once we touch,
nothing will ever matter. My religion,
deadlocked with the realness of your reality

Allow me to touch you then, allow my syllables
to caress your temple. Be massaged by my iamb,
let my soul meet yours,
as my faith meets your reality.

But this cannot happen. Two different time zones,
two different wavelengths, two minds, two bodies...
one heartbeat. You see, my faith interprets reality,
while your reality only acknowledges faith.

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